Yds Test Gramer Soruları



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1 – Yds Sınavı Hazırlık ( Birebir Özel Yds Sınavı Hazırlık )
2 – Yds Sınavı Hazırlık ( 4 Kişilik Gruplarla Yds Sınavı Hazırlık )

1 – ………….I met her, my only image of MacKenzie Bezos came from the author photo on her first book, The Testing of Luther Albright.

A) Once
B) Before
C) In case
D) Whereas
E) Even though

2 -…………….she shows up at the Thai restaurant in Bellevue, Washington, a suburb of Seattle, where we are meeting for lunch to talk about Traps, her latest novel, I see right away how wrong that impression was.

A) Unless
B) As if
C) Since
D) Because
E) When

3 – …………. she did in her first book, which was named a Los Angeles Times book of the year and which used the mysteries of plumbing as a metaphor for the intricate bonds of family intimacy, Bezos assigns her characters a wide variety of professions—from animal rescuer to teen prostitute—then uses those professions to elucidate the way their lives have sputtered or stalled.

A) Despite
B) As
C) If
D) Unless
E) Although

4 – Shortly thereafter,…………… Jeff began describing his idea for a business that sold books over the Internet, she was game to pull up their stakes in New York and move to Seattle.

A) providing
B) in spite of
C) when
D) Although
E) Since

5 – Theirs is, by all accounts, one of those complementary marriages ……………the two parts come together to form an even stronger whole.

A) which
B) in which
C) that
D) whom
E) whose

Yds test gramer soruları

6 – She can, however, rise to the occasion when necessary, as she did last year to cohost the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala, an event…………. she dazzled in a floor-length red-and-fuchsia gown by Juan Carlos Obando.

A) what
B) by which
C) how
D) where
E) whom

7 – The novel took …………..it did because she decided to put her writing on ice after her children were born, a painful but necessary bow to the reality of human limitations.
After the third child, I knew I couldn’t be the kind of parent I wanted to be and continue writing.

A) as long as
B) as well
C) in case of
D) instead of
E) regard with

8 – Seeing her in the school parking lot, wearing jeans, boots, and a leather jacket, you would never guess at her enormous wealth, which is exactly how she likes it.


9 – Few novelists relish admitting how deeply their books reflect their true selves, especially……….their characters happen to be flawed or ruinously self-destructive.

A) when
B) if
C) although
D) unless
E) now that

10 – I bring this touchy subject up ………….Bezos and I are in her minivan, weaving in and out of rush-hour traffic.

A) While
B) Since
C) when
D) before
E) in case

Yds test gramer soruları


1) B
2) E
3) B
4) C
5) B
6) D
7) A
9) B
10) C

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