Gramer Testi, Yds Sınavı İçin Yds dersi



Gramer Testi, Yds Sınavı İçin Yds dersi Soruları

1 –  Özel Yds Dersi ( Birebir Özel Yds Dersi)
2 –  Özel Yds Dersi ( 4 Kişilik Gruplarla Yds Dersi )


Gramer Testi, Yds Sınavı İçin Yds dersi1 –  A terrible accident, but the situation ……… all the more serious because on this occasion Aaron ………. to tell anyone where he was going

A) made / failed
B) will make / failed
C) was made / had failed
D) make / will make
E) is made / was failed

2 – ………….three days of not seeing or hearing any sign of life , Aaron realised he would die there if he didn’t do something drastic

A) If
B) As if
C) Whereas
D) Before
E) After

3 –  One of the doctors at the hospital recalls being impressed to see Ralston walk into the hospital on his own,……….. his injuries and the gruelling experience of being in the desert for six days with almost nothing to eat and only a couple of litres of water

A) until
B) because of
C) in spite of
D) instead of
E) behalf of

4 –  From the mid 1990s financial institutions……..more and more money into new kinds of very risky investments.

A) put
B) were putting
C) puts
D) wuold put
E) had put

5 –  Generations of Christians believed in Christ partly……… his resurrection held out the promise that we too might be able to enjoy life after death

A) although
B) while
C) so long as
D) because
E) once

Gramer Testi, Yds Sınavı İçin Yds dersi

6 – …….. each toe is equipped with a tiny hook-like claw at the end, these are of no use on the glass.

A) Although
B) In case
C) Providing
D) Therefore
E) So

7 – ……….a routine test at Chernobyl went catastrophically wrong, a chain reaction went out of control creating a fireball that blew off the reactor’s 1,000-tonne steel-and-concrete lid

A) For
B) Since
C) While
D) When
E) Even though

8 –  He firmly believes that his son……… alive today if heroin ……… legal.

A) is still / will be
B) can still be / would be
C) would still be / had been
D) is still / has been
E) will still be / had been

9-   In Britain,………. summer can sometimes seem to last little more than a few weeks, many would welcome the idea of it getting a bit hotter.

A) which
B) where
C) by which
D) what
E) that

Gramer Testi, Yds Sınavı İçin Yds dersi10 – ………. women want to talk and talk about their problems, men withdraw into the caves of their mind to focus on solving the problem.

A) When
B) As though
C) I wish
D) Unless
E) Whereas

Gramer Testi, Yds Sınavı İçin Yds dersi



1) C
2) E
3) C
4) B
5) D
6) A
7) D
8) C
9) B