YDS Özel , YDS Hazırlık Ve Sınavları




1 – Yds Hazırlık Özel Ders ( Birebir  Yds Hazırlık Özel Ders )
2 – 
Yds Hazırlık Özel Ders ( 4 Kişilik Gruplarla Yds Hazırlık Özel Ders )


YDS özel ders merkezimizdeki YDS özel ders birimlerimizde düzenlenen YDS Hazırlık Ve Sınavları programları ile YDS Hazırlık Ve Sınavlarına öğrenci hazırlanır.

YDS Hazırlık Ve Sınavları

1 ) With his engine ablaze, Bush flew several miles from the island, ……….. he and one other crew member on the TBM Avenger bailed out of the aircraft;the other man’s parachute did not open.

A) whereby
B) whether
C) where
D) which
E) that

2 ) …………….. Ford’s accession to the presidency, Bush was under serious consideration for being nominated as Vice President.

A) Although
B) Just as
C) After
D) As long as
E) As far as

3 ) Her mother died …………. her brother and sisters were still young, which placed her in an early position of responsibility over her siblings.

A) as
B) so
C) since
D) as well
E) while

4 ) She was perceived by her family ………….. liberal in outlook, straightforward, practical and bright.

A) like
B) so 
C) such  a
D) as well
E) as

5 ) ………….. Prince Louis was serving with theMediterranean fleet, she spent some winters in Malta.

A) Even though
B) As though
C) After
D) When
E) By the time

Yds Hazırlık Ve Sınavları

6 ) In 1906, she flew in a Zeppelin airship, and even more daringly later flew in a biplane ……………… it was “not made to carry passengers, and we perched securely attached on a little stool holding on to the flyer’s back.

A) when
B) as well as
C) ın spite of
D) because of
E) even though

7 ) ……………. a Democratic administration took power in 1977, Bush became chairman on the Executive Committee of the First International Bank in Houston.

A) Even if
B) Unless
C) After
D) Since
E) Because

8 ) She distrusted the First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, …………… she thought him unreliable—he had once borrowed a book and failed to return it.

A) while
B) so
C) therefore
D) because
E) yet

9 ) During World War I, he continued to visit Britain, …………. veiled accusations in the British House of Commons that he was a German agent.

A) despite
B) because of
C) in order to this
D) so long as
E) regardless of

10 )  …………. being reinforced, Papoulas resumed his offensive on March 23, however his army, numbering 100,000 men,were again defeated at the
Second Battle of İnönü on March 28–30.

A) Even though
B) So long as
C) After
D) In order that
E) So



1) C
2) C
3) E
4) E
5) D
6) E
7) C
8) D
9) A
10) C