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  Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi etkinlikleri kapsamında Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi birimlerimizde  YDS özel ders verilen YDS  eğitim merkezindeki YDS özel ders platformunda yapılan YDS özel ders  faaliyetlerinde , YDS özel ders için oluşturulan  bu tür YDS özel ders programlarında, YDS özel dersler adaylar ile bire bir YDS yapılır.

 YDS Okuma Parçası Analizi konusu için hazırlanan YDS  Okuma Parçası Analizi makalesi YDS için hazırlanan adaylar için YDS ‘deki okuma parçalarında bir kolaylık sağlar.  YDS Okuma Parçası Analizi çözümlendiğinde YDS’deki Yds Okuma Parçası Analizinde YDS okuma parçaları daha kolaylaşır.

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Wild Children V: Culture Shock

You have read about Romulus and Remus whose culture shock came when they went back to the world of human beings after being raised by a wolf. Tarzan’s culture shock came when he discovered that he was not a “white ape” but a human being. Emily Carr preferred the culture of the First Nations people and the life she led on her explorations to the dresses and polite conversations of her own culture. You now know that First Nations culture did not include school or even business activity, people spent most of their time in nature or around the fire of their home talking, telling stories and making the things they needed to survive.

 Psychologists tell us that there are four basic stages that human beings pass through when they enter and live in a new culture. This process, which helps us to deal with culture shock, is the way our brain and our personality reacts to the strange new things we encounter when we move from one culture to another. If our culture involves bowing when we greet someone, we may feel very uncomfortable in a culture that does not involve bowing. If the language we use when talking to someone in our own culture is influenced by levels of formality based on the other person’s age and status, it may be difficult for us to feel comfortable communicating with people in the new culture.

 Culture begins with the “honeymoon stage”. This is the period of time when we first arrive in which everything about the new culture is strange and exciting. We may be suffering from “jet lag” but we are thrilled to be in the new environment, seeing new sights, hearing new sounds and language, eating new kinds of food. This honeymoon stage can last for quite a long time because we feel we are involved in some kind of great adventure.

 Unfortunately, the second stage of culture shock can be more difficult. After we have settled down into our new life, working or studying, buying groceries, doing laundry, or living with a home-stay family, we can become very tired and begin to miss our homeland and our family, girlfriend/boyfriend, pets. All the little problems that everybody in life has seem to be much bigger and more disturbing when you face them in a foreign culture. This period of cultural adjustment can be very difficult and lead to the new arrival rejecting or pulling away from the new culture. This “rejection stage” can be quite dangerous because the visitor may develop unhealthy habits (smoking and drinking too much, being too concerned over food or contact with people from the new culture). This can, unfortunately lead to the person getting sick or developing skin infections or rashes which then makes the person feel even more scared and confused and helpless. This stage is considered a crisis in the process of cultural adjustment and many people choose to go back to their homeland or spend all their time with people from their own culture speaking their native language.

 The third stage of culture shock is called the “adjustment stage”. This is when you begin to realize that things are not so bad in the host culture. Your sense of humour usually becomes stronger and you realize that you are becoming stronger by learning to take care of yourself in the new place. Things are still difficult, but you are now a survivor!Yds , Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi, Yds

 The fourth stage can be called “at ease at last”. Now you feel quite comfortable in your new surroundings. You can cope with most problems that occur. You may still have problems with the language, but you know you are strong enough to deal with them. If you meet someone from your country who has just arrived, you can be the expert on life in the new culture and help them to deal with their culture shock.

 There is a fifth stage of culture shock which many people don’t know about. This is called “reverse culture shock”. Surprisingly, this occurs when you go back to your native culture and find that you have changed and that things there have changed while you have been away. Now you feel a little uncomfortable back home. Life is a struggle!

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 Select the answer you think is correct.

 1. When does culture shock happen?

 A) when you reach your teens

 B) when you move to a big city

 C) when you meet foreign people for the first time

 D) when you go to live in a foreign culture

 2. How do you feel during the first stage of culture shock?

 A) lonely and depressed

 B) bored and homesick

 C) happy and excited

 D) angry and frustrated

 3. How do you feel during the second stage?

 A) homesick and afraid

 B) interested and amused

 C) stressed, but positive

 D) you have no particular feelings

 4. How could the third stage be described?

 A) adjustment

 B) rejection

 C) enthusiasm

 D) anger

 5. How do you feel during the fourth stage of culture shock?

 A) tense, but positive

 B) relaxed

 C) negative and stressed

 D) afraid

 6. Why might reverse culture shock be a problem?

 A) It hardly ever happens.

 B) It is extremely stressful.

 C) Most people do not expect it.

 D) It only happens to young people.


1) D
2) C
3) A
4) A
5) B
6) C

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Yds | Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi | Yds



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 1 –  Yds Dersi ( Birebir  Özel Yds Dersi)
2 – Yds Dersi (  4 Kişilik Gruplarla Yds dersi

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 Why People Get Tattoos

Jack lay, quiet and unmoving, for thirty minutes while a stranger repeatedly stabbed him with sharp needles, causing blood to pour steadily out of his leg. Jack was getting a tattoo. His friend Tony had recently gotten a tattoo, and Jack was so impressed by Tony’s bravery and his tattoo that he decided to get one too. Getting a tattoo because your friends and peers have them is just one of the reasons why a lot of young people in North America get tattoos. Peer pressure, media influence, and personal expression are some of the common reasons for wearing tattoos today.

 The desire to be part of a group, to be accepted by one’s friends or peers, can have a great influence on what a person does. Sometimes, wearing a tattoo can be a sign that you belong to a certain group. Gangs often use special clothes and tattoos to identify their particular group. For example, in one gang all the members may wear green army jackets and have large ‘Xs’ tattooed on their arms. It is not only gangs that have this type of special ‘uniform’. Young people often belong to a certain group of friends. Some of these groups wear only brand-name clothes. Some wear only black clothes. Others wear tattoos. When a person’s friends are all doing something, such as getting a tattoo, that person is more likely to do the same thing, and get a tattoo too.Yds,Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi, Yds

 The media is another big influence behind the popularity of tattoos in North America. A wide variety of media images show tattoos. Tattoos can be seen on people appearing in commercials selling expensive cars. Famous sports heroes with tattoos are shown in magazines. Fashion models are often seen in magazines and on TV wearing designer clothes that show their bodies tattooed with detailed and colourful patterns. These media images link tattoos to ideas of wealth, success, and status. As a result, many people decide to get a tattoo for its fashion and status value.

 It is not always the influence of other people or the media that results in a person getting a tattoo. Many people

decide to wear tattoos in order to express their artistic nature, their beliefs, or their feelings — in other words, to show their individuality. A musician in a rock band may get a tattoo of a guitar on the arm. Some environmentalists may tattoo pictures of endangered animals on their shoulders. Lovers may tattoo each others’ names over their hearts. A tattoo can be a public sign to show what is important in a person’s life.

Yds,Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi, Yds As you can see, there are many reasons why young North Americans get tattoos. A tattoo can be part of a group’s uniform. It can be a sign of fashion. It can be an expression of individuality. The decision to get a tattoo is most often a result of the influence of friends or media or the desire to express oneself. For Jack, it was a mixture of all three.

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 1.According to the essay, what are the three most common reasons why a person gets a tattoo?

 a.pressure from their peers

 b.it is healthy

 c.influence from the media

 d.a way of personal expression

 2.According to the essay, which of the following are common ways that people show they belong to a certain group?

 a.wearing a tattoo

 b.wearing special clothes

 c.wearing a special uniform

 d.wearing a special kind of socks

 3.According to the essay, which of the following are ways that the media uses tattoos in advertising?

 a.to sell cars

 b.by using fashion models

 c.by using sports stars

 d.by using endangered species

 4.According to the essay, media images are linked to _____________.





 5.According to the essay, which of the following are possible artistic reasons for getting tattoos?

 a.to show membership in a band

 b.to show a lover’s name

 c.to show pictures of animals that may become extinct

 d.to show which language you speak

 6.Jack was stabbed for thirty minutes with a needle because _____________.

 A.  he was getting a tattoo

 B.  he was getting acupuncture

 C.  he is was getting his ears pierced

 D.  he was getting a nose ring

 7.According to the essay, some people get tattoos because ____________. .

 A.  they think it is fashionable

 B.  they like pain

 C.  they think it will wash off in the bath

 D.  they are religious

 8.According to the essay, Jack thinks people who get tattoos are ____________.

A.  brave

 B.  cowardly

 C.  old fashioned

 D.  nitwits

 9.The reason Jack wanted to get a tattoo was ____________.

 A. the influence of friends

 B.  the influence of the media

 C.  a desire to express himself

 D.  all of the above

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 1) D
2) B
3) C
4) C
5) C
6) ?
7) ?
8) ?
9) ?


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 1 –  Yds Dersi ( Birebir  Özel Yds Dersi)
2 – Yds Dersi (  4 Kişilik Gruplarla Yds dersi


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The Man Booker Prize

The Man Booker Prize for Fiction is awarded every year for a novel written by a writer from the Commonwealth or the Republic of Ireland and it aims to represent the very best in contemporary fiction. The prize was originally called the Booker-McConnell Prize, which was the name of the company that sponsored it, though it was better-known as simply the ‘Booker Prize’. In 2002, the Man Group became the sponsor and they chose the new name, keeping ‘Booker’.

Publishers can submit books for consideration for the prize, but the judges can also ask for books to be submitted they think should be included. Firstly, the Advisory Committee give advice if there have been any changes to the rules for the prize and selects the people who will judge the books. The judging panel changes every year and usually a person is only a judge once.

 Great efforts are made to ensure that the judging panel is balanced in terms of gender and professions within the industry, so that a writer, a critic, an editor and an academic are chosen along with a well-known person from wider society. However, when the panel of judges has been finalized, they are left to make their own decisions without any further involvement or interference from the prize sponsor.Yds,Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi, Yds

 The Man Booker judges include critics, writers and academics to maintain the consistent quality of the prize and its influence is such that the winner will almost certainly see the sales increase considerably , in addition to the £50,000 that comes with the prize.

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 1 – The Republic of Ireland

 A) is in the Commonwealth.

 B) is not in the Commonwealth.

 C) can’t enter the Man Booker Prize.

 D) joined the Booker prize in 2002.

 2 – The Man group

 A) was forced to keep the name ‘Booker’.

 B) decided to include the name ‘Booker’.

 C) decided to keep the name ‘Booker-McConnell’.

 D) decided to use only the name ‘Booker’.

 3 – Books can be submitted

 A) by publishers.

 B) by writers.

 C) by judges.

 D) by the sponsors.

 4 – Who advises on changes to the rules?

 A) The sponsors

 B) The judging panel

 C) The advisory panel

 D) Publishers

 5 – The judging panel

 A) doesn’t include women.

 B) includes only women.

 C) is only chosen from representatives of the industry.

D) includes someone from outside the industry.

 6 – The sponsors of the prize

 A) are involved in choosing the winner.

 B) are involved in choosing the judges.

 C) are not involved at all.

 D) choose the academic for the panel of judges.

 7 – The consistent quality of the prize

 A) is guaranteed by the prize money.

 B) is guaranteed by the gender of the judges.

 C) is guaranteed by the make-up of the panel of judges.

 D) is guaranteed by the increase in sales of the winner.

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1) B
2) B
3) A
4) C
5) D
6) B
7) C

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 1 –  Yds Dersi ( Birebir  Özel Yds Dersi)
2 – Yds Dersi (  4 Kişilik Gruplarla Yds dersi

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A recent survey of crime statistics shows that we are all more likely to be burgled now than 20 years ago and the police advise everyone to take a few simple precautions to protect their homes.

 The first fact is that burglars and other intruders prefer easy opportunities, like a house which is very obviously empty. This is much less of a challenge than an occupied house, and one which is well-protected. A burglar will wonder if it is worth the bother.

 There are some general tips on how to avoid your home becoming another crime statistic. Avoid leaving signs that your house is empty. When you have to go out, leave at least one light on as well as a radio or television, and do not leave any curtains wide open. The sight of your latest music centre or computer is enough to tempt any burglar.

 Never leave a spare key in a convenient hiding place. The first place a burglar will look is under the doormat or in a flower pot and even somewhere more ‘imaginative’ could soon be uncovered by the intruder. It is much safer to leave a key with a neighbour you can trust. But if your house is in a quiet, desolate area be aware that this will be a burglar’s dream, so deter any potential criminal from approaching your house by fitting security lights to the outside of your house.

Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi

 But what could happen if, in spite of the aforementioned precautions, a burglar or intruder has decided to target your home? Windows are usually the first point of entry for many intruders. Downstairs windows provide easy access while upstairs windows can be reached with a ladder or by climbing up the drainpipe. Before going to bed you should double-check that all windows and shutters are locked. No matter how small your windows may be, it is surprising what a narrow gap a determined burglar can manage to get through. For extra security, fit window locks to the inside of the window.

 What about entry via doors? Your back door and patio doors, which are easily forced open, should have top qualityYds, Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi , Yds security locks fitted. Even though this is expensive it will be money well spent. Install a burglar alarm if you can afford it as another line of defence against intruders.

 A sobering fact is that not all intruders have to break and enter into a property. Why go to the trouble of breaking in if you can just knock and be invited in? Beware of bogus officials or workmen and, particularly if you are elderly, fit a chain and an eye hole so you can scrutinise callers at your leisure. When you do have callers never let anybody into your home unless you are absolutely sure they are genuine. Ask to see an identity card, for example.

 If you are in the frightening position of waking in the middle of the night and think you can hear an intruder, then on no account should you approach the intruder. Far better to telephone the police and wait for help.

Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi


 1 –  well-protected house

 A) is less likely to be burgled.

 B) is regarded as a challenge by most criminals.

 C) is a lot of bother to maintain.

 D) is very unlikely to be burgled.

 2 According to the writer, we should:

 A) avoid leaving our house empty.

 B) only go out when we have to.

 C) always keep the curtains closed.

 D) give the impression that our house is occupied when we go out.

 3 The writer thinks that hiding a key under a doormat or flower pot:

 A) is a predictable place to hide it.

 B) is a useful place to hide it.

 C) is imaginative.

 D) is where you always find a spare key.

 4 The ‘aforementioned precautions’ refer to steps that:

 A) will tell a burglar if your house is empty or not.

 B) are the most important precautions to take to make your home safe.

 C) will stop a potential burglar.

 D) will not stop an intruder if he has decided to try and enter your home.

 5 Gaining entry to a house through a small window:

 A) is surprisingly difficult.

 B) is not as difficult as people think.

 C) is less likely to happen than gaining entry through a door.

 D) is tried only by very determined burglars.

 6 According to the writer, window locks, security locks and burglar alarms:

 A) cost a lot of money but are worth it.

 B) are good value for money.

 C) are luxury items.

 D) are absolutely essential items.

 7 The writer argues that fitting a chain and an eye hole:

 A) will prevent your home being burgled.

 B) avoids you having to invite people into your home.

 C) is only necessary for elderly people.

 D) gives you time to check if the visitor is genuine.

 8 The best title for the text is:

 A) Increasing household crime.

 B) Protecting your home from intruders.

 C) What to do if a burglar breaks into your home.

 D) Burglary statistics.

Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi

1) A
2) D
3) A
4) D
 5) B
6) A
7) D
8) B

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1 –  Yds Dersi ( Birebir  Özel Yds Dersi

2 – Yds Dersi (  4 Kişilik Gruplarla Yds dersi

 YDS Okuma Parçası Analizi konusu için hazırlanan YDS  Okuma Parçası Analizi makalesi YDS için hazırlanan adaylar için YDS ‘deki okuma parçalarında bir kolaylık sağlar.  YDS Okuma Parçası Analizi çözümlendiğinde  YDS’deki okuma parçaları daha kolaylaşır.

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What A Chance To Race With The Pros!

From a news story by

CNN San Francisco Reporter Rusty Dornin

When George Ellison heard about a radio contest to win the guest spot on a boat in the America’s Cup race. He entered as many times as he could. And then, he won.

George Ellison says, “You get to sit on a boat as the 17th person and rub shoulders with some of the greatest sailors in the world, in Auckland, New Zealand. I still can’t believe it!”

Ellison won a seat on America True, one of two entries from San Francisco for the race. America’s Cup is probably the only world class sports event where a novice can get on deck. It’s called the 17th man position.

Paul Cayard is the skipper of America One, “‘They’re a guest, they’re not allowed to contribute to the sailing of the boat at all. They stand behind the helmsman.”

There’s still a spot up for grabs on the other entry, America One. To get aboard here you must design a high tech jib halyard lock.

“The halyard would come out down the mast here, and then go on to the winch” explains skipper Cayard.

John Clauser an experimental physicist submitted an entry. He says it’s dirt simple. But he says, “Since the judging hasn’t been completed, I’m not sure whether I want to release any of the details.”

Contest promotions help advertise for the sponsors. Without sponsors one could barely hoist the sails on these boatsYds, Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi, Yds. The America One team will have two boats at three million dollars apiece. (They) have budgeted 32 million dollars for the race. In such a high-stakes race, are there concerns a novice will interfere?

Paul Cayard says, “There’s no risk at all for them in hurting our chances to win. If they fall overboard or get hurt we just leave’em behind”

At least one contest winner says he knows enough not to fall overboard. And while he won’t be doing anything, it doesn’t matter.

George Ellision says, “I could live 12 lifetimes and never ride on one of these boats in a race. The bird of paradise found me”

Paradise found as the unnecessary member of a world-class crew.

Özel Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi 


1 The job of the 17th man is _______________ .

A) to steer the ship

B) to raise the jib

C) to stand behind the helmsman

D) none of the above

2 George Ellison will be ______________ .

A) part of the crew of America One

B) the 17th man on America One

C) part of the crew of America True

D) the 17th man on America True

3 To get the 17th man spot on America One you have to____________ .

A) enter a contest

B) design a jib halyard lock

C) be an expert sailor

D) be a sponsor

4 If the guest falls overboard, _______________.

A) the boat will stop and pick him up

B) the boat will lose the race

C) the boat will go on without him

D) the skipper salutes and says good luck

5 The first America’s Cup race was __________ years ago.

A) 132

B) 150

C) 16

D) 148


1) C
2) D
3) B
4) C
5) D

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Yds, Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi, Yds