YDS Sınavına Hazırlık için Gramer Testi




1 – Yds Sınavına Hazırlık ( Birebir Özel Yds Sınavına Hazırlık )
2 – 
Yds Sınavına Hazırlık ( 4 Kişilik Guruplarla Yds Sınavına Hazırlık )

YDS özel ders merkezimizdeki YDS özel ders birimlerimizde düzenlenen YDS Sınavına Hazırlık için Gramer Testi programları ile    YDS Sınavına Hazırlık için Gramer Testi için öğrenci hazırlanır.

Yds Sınavına hazırlık için Gramer testi


3 -………………we waited, Andrijana pointed out a few fashion world bigwigs, including Grace Coddington, the creative director at Vogue.

A) Once
B) If
C) While
D) nowthat
E) Since

4 – But maybe some of the folks at Fashion Week would say the same about waiting in line three hours to watch grown men chuck a ball across 100 yards of grass,…………. I have happily done before.

A) in which
B) which
C) that
D) what
E) how

4 -……….. her competition was spilling out of limousines, Beyoncé remained the knockout in six-inch heels who still gets home by 11:00 p.m.

A) Whereas
B) Although
C) Despite
D) As
E) Owing to

5 -……………………… style meets individuality, House of Minerva offers an assortment of styles and products for its customers.

A) Where
B) What
C) how
D) when
E) which

Yds Sınavına hazırlık için Gramer testi

6 – Minerva represents the Roman Goddess of Art, Music, and Poetry, ……….. embodies the talented, Kate Elfatah-the face of House of Minerva.

A) that
B) by which
C) what
D) where
E) which

7 – By conducting her research and keeping up with the trends, Elfatah takes it one step further; she also conducts surveys to see what it is that her customers really want, and ……… they look for in a great product.

A) where
B) what
C) when
D) as
E) who

8 -………….Susan Connell arrives at the first oil well of the day, she tosses her stylish black-rimmed glasses onto the dashboard of her 18-wheeler, climbs down from the cab, and pulls the zipper on her fire-resistant coveralls up to her neck.

A) Even though
B) When
C) Since
D) As
E) As though

9 – Eventually someone gave her an H₂S detector, which she clipped to her collar …………………she approached a well that had turned “sour” enough to be hazardous.

A) however
B) wherever
C) whatever
D) whenever
E) whomever

10 – Most attention has focused on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, by which large amounts of fresh water combined with sand and other substances, some toxic, ………….. under high pressure down wells drilled into deep layers of shale, creating cracks through which bubbles of trapped oil and natural gas can escape into the well.

A) will be driving
B) drives
C) are driving
D) is driven
E) are driven

11 – But besides being much larger and likely to last much longer, the current boom differs from earlier ones………………it has coincided with an economic malaise.

A) despite
B) so long as
C) in case
D) because
E) because of

12 -………. the Jorgensons’ fight to retain control of their bottomland, they’re already living with the intrusive consequences of drilling.

A) While
B) Although
C) unless
D) Even if
E) Provided

13 – …………..poring over records at the county courthouse, Brenda discovered to her horror that 110 strangers owned the minerals beneath the 40 acres surrounding her house.

A) When
B) Although
C) After
D) Since
E) As if

14 – Taking the bad with the good may indeed be inescapable, ……….the good isn’t good for long and the “public good” often favors private interests.

A) unless
B) in case
C) while
D) even if
E) because

Yds Sınavına hazırlık için Gramer testi



3) C
4) B
5) D
6) A
7) B
8) B
9) D

Yds Özel Ders , Yds Sınavına hazırlık için Gramer testi


Yds için Gramer Testi



Yds Gramer Testi


1 –  Özel Yds Dersi ( Birebir Özel Yds Dersi)
2 –  Özel Yds Dersi ( 4 Kişilik Gruplarla Özel Yds dersi


Yds için Gramer Testi

Yds için Gramer Testi1 –  The dose of vodka…………..to each participant’s weight and gender to put them close to the .08 legal limit for drinking,………… is the equivalent of drinking four beers in an hour.

A) is calibrated / which
B) will be calibrated / that
C) was calibrated / which
D) has been calibrated / that
E) is being calibrated / which

 2 –  After drinking the cocktail they were assigned, participants were tested for their reaction time and the number of errors ,they…………in a computer task in which they learned a response and then had to inhibit that reaction on cu

A) is assigned / make
B) has been assigned / wil make
C) assigned / made
D) were assigned / made
E) had assigned / would make

3 –  The stomach doesn’t recognize that it needs to do anything with that drink,……….. it has no sugar.

A) despite
B) owing to
C) in spite of
D) due to
E) because

 4 –   The findings are especially timely on Valentine’s Day, …………..many are looking for a little extra intimacy.

A) why
B) when
C) where
D) what
E) which

 5 –   It may not make the annoying nature of your self-satisfied friends any easier to take but a new study may explain…………. people in relationships are so convinced that partners are the way to go, while those who are single adamantly refuse to accept the joys of being part of a pair.

A) why
B) when
C) which
D) where
E) how much

Yds için Gramer Testi

 6 –  After they …………..their jobs, cut ties with outside friends and family and sold their belongings, the predicted catastrophic flood ………to arrive.

A) had quit / failed
B) quit / failed
C) quit / had failed
D) has quit / has been failed
E) had quit / would have failed

 7 –  Laurin and her colleagues suspected that a similar thought process might take place ………….people consider their relationship status.

A) because
B) when
C) as
D) in case
E) as long as

 8 –  We thought that …………..there’s a prevailing cultural ideology that people should be in relationships, it might be harder for single people to say ‘Yeah, it’s totally awesome being single,’ but we actually found exact same size effect across both groups.”

A) although
B) in spite of
C) since
D) when
E) if

 9 –  Such “process praise” includes comments such as “You worked really hard” or “You’re doing a great job,”……………. emphasize the child’s actions.

A) whose
B) in which
C) that
D) where
E) which

 10 –  …………his global fame, Pistorius never expressed a desire to leave his native South Africa, where violent crime is endemic

A) Although
B) Despite
C) Because of
D) Instead of
E) behalf of

Yds için Gramer Testi


Answers of the Questions ( Soruların doğru yanıtları )

1) C
2) D
3) E
4) B
5) A
6) A
7) B
8) C
9) E



Yds Gramer Testi

YDS GRAMER TESTİ ALIŞTIRMASI  Yds Gramer Testi Uygulaması..


Yds Gramer Testi Uygulaması

1 –  Özel Yds Dersi ( Birebir Özel Yds Dersi)
2 –  Özel Yds Dersi ( 4 Kişilik Gruplarla Özel Yds dersi


Yds Gramer Testi

Yds Gramer Testi1 –  ……….it is sold over-the-counter, insurers generally only pay for it with a doctor’s prescription.

A) If
B) Since
C) Although
D) As though
E) As well


2  –  She began reading, and did a double take after the second paragraph…………she learned that Ottoway was recovering from surgery after donating a kidney.

A) when
B) while
C) Although
D) because


3 – It was her husband’s death, her lawyer Eugene Iredale wrote in legal papers, that triggered O’Connor’s problem of “grief gambling,”…………..only worsened with the loss of other loved ones.

A) that
B) of which
C) by which
D) who
E) which


4 –  O’Connor……………..with a brain tumor, which …………..in 2011.

A) was diagnosed / is removed
B) was being diagnosed / was removed
C) was diagnosed / was removed
D) had been diagnosed / was removed
E) diagnosed / removed


5 – …………her gambling losses increased, her lawyers say, she began stealing from her husband’s charitable foundation and selling properties to support the addiction that ultimately took away nearly her entire fortune.

A) Although
B) As
C) If
D) Inasmuchas
E) Whereas

Yds Gramer Testi

5 –  …………. all of this, the vast majority of studies looking at the benefits of yoga are all small studies.

A) Because of
B) Behalf of
C) Instead of
D) Despite
E) As well


7 –  We did not come across a single study……………there was a coordinated effort done by some large agency to really conduct a large national study,” says Doraiswamy.

A) where
B) when
C) what
D) how
E) which


8 –  …………the most egregious cases might be skewered on STFU Parents, a crowd-sourcing website for the worse cases of parental TMI, the rest of us are left to navigate the puzzle of online privacy for ourselves.

A) because
B) as
C) while
D) even though
E) now that


9 –  Bloggers could gain their children’s consent ………… publishing and younger kids could be protected with pseudonyms.

A) after
B) as long as
C) when
D) since
E) before


10 – ………….tread cautiously when writing about other people, Knorr advised, especially when that other person is your child.

A) For
B) So
C) Because
D) What
E) Even though


11 –  Researchers decided to test a noncaffeinated diet drink because …………… caffeine doesn’t affect breath-detectable levels of alcohol, it does affect Yds Gramer Testi
whether people think they are intoxicated so would have made the results more difficult to interpret.

A) despite
B) so long as
C) although
D) so that
E) inasmuchas

Yds Gramer Testi


Answers of the Questions ( Soruların doğru yanıtları )

1) B
2) A
3) E
4) C
5) B
6) D
7)  C
8) E
9) B
11) C