Yds ( Gramer Deneme Sınavı )

YDS ( Gramer Deneme Sınavı ) SORULARI.

YDS ( Gramer Deneme Sınavı ) SORULARI

Yds ( Gramer Deneme Sınavı ) Çalışması

1 –  Özel Yds Dersi ( Birebir Özel Yds Dersi)
2 –  Özel Yds Dersi ( 4 Kişilik Gruplarla Yds Dersi )

 Yds ( Gramer Deneme Sınavı )

Yds ( Gramer Deneme Sınavı )1. Water turns………..ice

A. into
B. from
C. out of
D. through
E. to

2. It is raining,………. she still wants to go out.

A. although
B. unless
C. and yet
D. since
E. because

3. Bob won’t repair my car until tomorrow. = ?

A. My car won’t repair Bob until tomorrow.
B.My car would not be repaired by Bob until tomorrow.
C.My car will not be repaired by Bob until tomorrow

4. ………. of these dresses do you like best? I like …..

A- whose / the blue ones
B. what / the blue dress
C. which / the blue
D. which / the blue one
E.who / the blue ones

5. You’re very rich, but…………… you like to be a millionaire if it was possible?

A. won’t
B. do
C. wouldn’t
D. will

Yds ( Gramer Deneme Sınavı )

6. ………you ever ….. Haggis?

A. have / been tasting
B. do / taste
C. are / tasting
D. have / tasted
E. will / test

7. Life teaches ………us …… lessons.

A. to / Ø
B. Ø / Ø
C. Ø / with
D. at / Ø
E. to / to

8. ……….. what he said was ironical.

A. most
B. the most
C. most of
D. almost

9. I cannot go out tonight, my parents expect C D A B

A. me to stay
B. I to stay
C. that I stay
D. me staying

10. She is the girl ………..brother I know.

A. of which
B. whose
C. of whom
D. that
E. where

11. I do not want to depend ………. my parents.

A. of
B. Ø
C. off
D. on
E. to

12. The sun’s shining, you C D A B take your umbrella.

A. must not
B. may not
C. cannot
D. need not
E. should not

13. ………….. do you go to the cinema? Twice a week?

A. how often
B. how far
C.how long
D.how much
E. how many

14. Didn’t he …………his leg last summer?

A. breaking
B. broken
C. broke
D. break
E. did break

15. She will no doubt feed the cat when she …………..

A. will come
B. would come
C. will have come
D. comes
E. is going to come

16. After the collision of the two supertankers, all…………remained in ….. single slick on the surface.

A. oil / a
B. the oil / the
C. the oil / a
D. oil / the
E. the oil / 0

17. She bakes her own bread, so they all eat ……….bread at lunch.

A. home-made
B. house-making
C. making at home
D. made home
E. homemade

18. We ………them since last Saturday.

A. have been helping
B. are helping
C. helped
D. help
E. will help

19. Somebody has slept in my bed = ………?

A. My bed has been slept in.
B. Somebody has been slept in.
C. My bed is slept by somebody.
D. My bed has been sleeping.
E. Someone made me sleep in my bed

Yds ( Gramer Deneme Sınavı )20. We are not in a position to do………… we promised to do.

A. all things
B. the whole
C. all
D. it all
E. all the things

Yds ( Gramer Deneme Sınavı )

ANSWER OF THE QUESTIONS ( Doğru yanıtlar )

1) A
2) C
3) C
4) D
5) C
6) D
7) B
8) C
9) C
10) B
11) D
12) D
13) A
14) D
15) D
16) C
17) A
18) A
19) A
20) C