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What A Chance To Race With The Pros!

From a news story by

CNN San Francisco Reporter Rusty Dornin

When George Ellison heard about a radio contest to win the guest spot on a boat in the America’s Cup race. He entered as many times as he could. And then, he won.

George Ellison says, “You get to sit on a boat as the 17th person and rub shoulders with some of the greatest sailors in the world, in Auckland, New Zealand. I still can’t believe it!”

Ellison won a seat on America True, one of two entries from San Francisco for the race. America’s Cup is probably the only world class sports event where a novice can get on deck. It’s called the 17th man position.

Paul Cayard is the skipper of America One, “‘They’re a guest, they’re not allowed to contribute to the sailing of the boat at all. They stand behind the helmsman.”

There’s still a spot up for grabs on the other entry, America One. To get aboard here you must design a high tech jib halyard lock.

“The halyard would come out down the mast here, and then go on to the winch” explains skipper Cayard.

John Clauser an experimental physicist submitted an entry. He says it’s dirt simple. But he says, “Since the judging hasn’t been completed, I’m not sure whether I want to release any of the details.”

Contest promotions help advertise for the sponsors. Without sponsors one could barely hoist the sails on these boatsYds, Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi, Yds. The America One team will have two boats at three million dollars apiece. (They) have budgeted 32 million dollars for the race. In such a high-stakes race, are there concerns a novice will interfere?

Paul Cayard says, “There’s no risk at all for them in hurting our chances to win. If they fall overboard or get hurt we just leave’em behind”

At least one contest winner says he knows enough not to fall overboard. And while he won’t be doing anything, it doesn’t matter.

George Ellision says, “I could live 12 lifetimes and never ride on one of these boats in a race. The bird of paradise found me”

Paradise found as the unnecessary member of a world-class crew.

Özel Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi 


1 The job of the 17th man is _______________ .

A) to steer the ship

B) to raise the jib

C) to stand behind the helmsman

D) none of the above

2 George Ellison will be ______________ .

A) part of the crew of America One

B) the 17th man on America One

C) part of the crew of America True

D) the 17th man on America True

3 To get the 17th man spot on America One you have to____________ .

A) enter a contest

B) design a jib halyard lock

C) be an expert sailor

D) be a sponsor

4 If the guest falls overboard, _______________.

A) the boat will stop and pick him up

B) the boat will lose the race

C) the boat will go on without him

D) the skipper salutes and says good luck

5 The first America’s Cup race was __________ years ago.

A) 132

B) 150

C) 16

D) 148


1) C
2) D
3) B
4) C
5) D

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