Yds Grammer Testleri



Yds Grammer Testleri ( Alıştırma )

1 –  Özel Yds Dersi ( Birebir  Özel Yds Dersi )
2 –  Özel Yds Dersi ( 4 Kişilik gruplarla Yds Dersi )

Yds Grammer Testleri1 – It is part of the mysterious alchemy of Hollywood that most child stars are destined to fade as they grow up, forever remembered for ………they did as kids, while a small handful grow even bigger and brighter as they move into adulthood.

A) when
B) which
C) what
D) how
E) whom

2 – ………..Natalie Wood and Jodie Foster before her, this fourteen-year-old doesn’t merely shimmer with promise.

A) For
B) As well
C) Like
D) Whereas
E) Despite

3 -………………she’s won acclaim for her performances in films from Sofia Coppola’s intimate indie Somewhere to J. J. Abrams’s sci-fi blockbuster Super 8, nothing prepares you for her work in Sally Potter’s stinging family drama Ginger & Rosa.

A) However
B) As
C) When
D) Despite
E) Although

4 – Only thirteen…………. it was shot, Fanning plays Ginger, a sixteen-year-old Londoner plunged into adulthood.

A) as long as
B) since
C) once
D) when
E) ıf

5 -……………her sister, Dakota, wows you with her Streep-like facility, Elle possesses a natural luminosity that goes straight to your heart.

A) As if
B) If
C) While
D) Once
E) Though


6 – I recognize that smile……….I meet Fanning one wintry afternoon in West Hollywood.

A) when
B) before
C) although
D) because of
E) instead of

7 – Robert Stromberg recently directed Fanning in the blockbuster Maleficent (due out in 2014), ……….she stars as Princess Aurora, the innocent nemesis of the demonic title character played by Angelina Jolie.

A) that
B) in which
C) whom
D) whose
E) where

8 – ………………we’ve chatted for a while, the time comes for Fanning to leave—it’s a school night, after all, and her grandmother’s waiting to drive her to ballet class.

A) Because
B) As
C) Since
D) After
E) Once

9 -…….. she bounds off, I remember something Cameron Crowe told me about working with Fanning on We Bought a Zoo.

A) Even though
B) As
C) When
D) As soon as
E) Whereas

10 – ……………she finished her scenes,” he says, “she would literally skip through the set singing. People working on the movie, even the ones going through a bad day, would stop just to watch her.

A) In case
B) Provided
C) Because
D) Although
E) When




1) C
2) C
3) B
4) D
5) B
6) A
7) B
8) D
9) B
10) E


Gramer Testi, Yds Sınavı İçin Yds dersi



Gramer Testi, Yds Sınavı İçin Yds dersi Soruları

1 –  Özel Yds Dersi ( Birebir Özel Yds Dersi)
2 –  Özel Yds Dersi ( 4 Kişilik Gruplarla Yds Dersi )


Gramer Testi, Yds Sınavı İçin Yds dersi1 –  A terrible accident, but the situation ……… all the more serious because on this occasion Aaron ………. to tell anyone where he was going

A) made / failed
B) will make / failed
C) was made / had failed
D) make / will make
E) is made / was failed

2 – ………….three days of not seeing or hearing any sign of life , Aaron realised he would die there if he didn’t do something drastic

A) If
B) As if
C) Whereas
D) Before
E) After

3 –  One of the doctors at the hospital recalls being impressed to see Ralston walk into the hospital on his own,……….. his injuries and the gruelling experience of being in the desert for six days with almost nothing to eat and only a couple of litres of water

A) until
B) because of
C) in spite of
D) instead of
E) behalf of

4 –  From the mid 1990s financial institutions……..more and more money into new kinds of very risky investments.

A) put
B) were putting
C) puts
D) wuold put
E) had put

5 –  Generations of Christians believed in Christ partly……… his resurrection held out the promise that we too might be able to enjoy life after death

A) although
B) while
C) so long as
D) because
E) once

Gramer Testi, Yds Sınavı İçin Yds dersi

6 – …….. each toe is equipped with a tiny hook-like claw at the end, these are of no use on the glass.

A) Although
B) In case
C) Providing
D) Therefore
E) So

7 – ……….a routine test at Chernobyl went catastrophically wrong, a chain reaction went out of control creating a fireball that blew off the reactor’s 1,000-tonne steel-and-concrete lid

A) For
B) Since
C) While
D) When
E) Even though

8 –  He firmly believes that his son……… alive today if heroin ……… legal.

A) is still / will be
B) can still be / would be
C) would still be / had been
D) is still / has been
E) will still be / had been

9-   In Britain,………. summer can sometimes seem to last little more than a few weeks, many would welcome the idea of it getting a bit hotter.

A) which
B) where
C) by which
D) what
E) that

Gramer Testi, Yds Sınavı İçin Yds dersi10 – ………. women want to talk and talk about their problems, men withdraw into the caves of their mind to focus on solving the problem.

A) When
B) As though
C) I wish
D) Unless
E) Whereas

Gramer Testi, Yds Sınavı İçin Yds dersi



1) C
2) E
3) C
4) B
5) D
6) A
7) D
8) C
9) B

Yds ( Gramer Deneme Sınavı )

YDS ( Gramer Deneme Sınavı ) SORULARI.

YDS ( Gramer Deneme Sınavı ) SORULARI

Yds ( Gramer Deneme Sınavı ) Çalışması

1 –  Özel Yds Dersi ( Birebir Özel Yds Dersi)
2 –  Özel Yds Dersi ( 4 Kişilik Gruplarla Yds Dersi )

 Yds ( Gramer Deneme Sınavı )

Yds ( Gramer Deneme Sınavı )1. Water turns………..ice

A. into
B. from
C. out of
D. through
E. to

2. It is raining,………. she still wants to go out.

A. although
B. unless
C. and yet
D. since
E. because

3. Bob won’t repair my car until tomorrow. = ?

A. My car won’t repair Bob until tomorrow.
B.My car would not be repaired by Bob until tomorrow.
C.My car will not be repaired by Bob until tomorrow

4. ………. of these dresses do you like best? I like …..

A- whose / the blue ones
B. what / the blue dress
C. which / the blue
D. which / the blue one
E.who / the blue ones

5. You’re very rich, but…………… you like to be a millionaire if it was possible?

A. won’t
B. do
C. wouldn’t
D. will

Yds ( Gramer Deneme Sınavı )

6. ………you ever ….. Haggis?

A. have / been tasting
B. do / taste
C. are / tasting
D. have / tasted
E. will / test

7. Life teaches ………us …… lessons.

A. to / Ø
B. Ø / Ø
C. Ø / with
D. at / Ø
E. to / to

8. ……….. what he said was ironical.

A. most
B. the most
C. most of
D. almost

9. I cannot go out tonight, my parents expect C D A B

A. me to stay
B. I to stay
C. that I stay
D. me staying

10. She is the girl ………..brother I know.

A. of which
B. whose
C. of whom
D. that
E. where

11. I do not want to depend ………. my parents.

A. of
B. Ø
C. off
D. on
E. to

12. The sun’s shining, you C D A B take your umbrella.

A. must not
B. may not
C. cannot
D. need not
E. should not

13. ………….. do you go to the cinema? Twice a week?

A. how often
B. how far
C.how long
D.how much
E. how many

14. Didn’t he …………his leg last summer?

A. breaking
B. broken
C. broke
D. break
E. did break

15. She will no doubt feed the cat when she …………..

A. will come
B. would come
C. will have come
D. comes
E. is going to come

16. After the collision of the two supertankers, all…………remained in ….. single slick on the surface.

A. oil / a
B. the oil / the
C. the oil / a
D. oil / the
E. the oil / 0

17. She bakes her own bread, so they all eat ……….bread at lunch.

A. home-made
B. house-making
C. making at home
D. made home
E. homemade

18. We ………them since last Saturday.

A. have been helping
B. are helping
C. helped
D. help
E. will help

19. Somebody has slept in my bed = ………?

A. My bed has been slept in.
B. Somebody has been slept in.
C. My bed is slept by somebody.
D. My bed has been sleeping.
E. Someone made me sleep in my bed

Yds ( Gramer Deneme Sınavı )20. We are not in a position to do………… we promised to do.

A. all things
B. the whole
C. all
D. it all
E. all the things

Yds ( Gramer Deneme Sınavı )

ANSWER OF THE QUESTIONS ( Doğru yanıtlar )

1) A
2) C
3) C
4) D
5) C
6) D
7) B
8) C
9) C
10) B
11) D
12) D
13) A
14) D
15) D
16) C
17) A
18) A
19) A
20) C


YDS Reading ( Okuma )

YDS Reading ( Okuma ) Çalışması Örneği ve YDS Reading ( Okuma ) Alıştırmaları.


YDS Reading ( Okuma ) Çalışması Örneği ve YDS Reading ( Okuma ) Alıştırmaları

1 –  Özel Yds Dersi ( Birebir Özel Yds Dersi)
2 –  Özel Yds Dersi ( 4 Kişilik Gruplarla Yds dersi )


Yds Reading ( Okuma )1 – ……..plasma cortisol levels were in thenormal range, responses to cosyntropin and to ovine corticotropin-releasinghormone were blunted and the CFS patients excreted, on average,about 30% less cortisol in 24-hour urine collections than healthy,matched controls

A) In spite of
B) Because
C) Since
D) While
E) Yet

2 –  ………… hydrocortisone treatment was associatedwith some improvement in symptoms of CFS, the degree of adrenalsuppression precludes its practical use for CFS.

A) Despite
B) When
C) Although
D) As long as
E) As soon as

3 – ………………administration of the study drug and at the endof treatment, tests were done to evaluate function of the HPAaxis, including morning serum cortisol levels, and measurementof serum cortisol levels 1 hour after injection of cosyntropin.

A) Before
B) Although
C) Because
D) As though
E) Unless

4 –  An individual was considered improved if he or shecompleted at least 10 weeks of treatment, did not discontinuetreatment …………..worsening symptoms or adverse reactions,and had a mean Wellness score during treatment that was higherthan the mean score for a 1-week pretreatment period.

A) despite
B) in case of
C) because of
D) therefore
E) unlike

5 –  Pretreatment Wellnessscores were not available for 5 hydrocortisone recipients………….improvement could not be assessed for those patients.

A) otherwise
B) since
C) besides
D) so that
E) much as

Yds Reading ( Okuma )

Yds Reading ( Okuma )6 –  …………… the rate of improvementin hydrocortisone recipients were 83%. Randomization was donein blocks of 10 subjects.

A) while
B) Since
C) Because
D) If
E) So

7 –  The incidence of chronic HEV infection in immunocompromised patients is difficult to estimate…………….a lack of systematic HEV screening in this population.

A) because of
B) in spite of
C) with regard to
D) behalf of
E) rather than

8 –  The patient did not have any signs of acute rejection and was free of insulin …………..discharged, with a serum creatinine level of 90 µmol/L (1 mg/dL).

A) even though
B) when
C) whereas
D) once
E) since

9  -…………… ribavirin dose is based on weight (800 to 1400 mg/d) and is used in combination with interferon, the reported rate of anemia (hemoglobin level <100 g/L) is 19.3%.

A) In case
B) As if
C) Until
D) Since
E) When

10 –Anemia induced by ribavirin is usually mild and may be reversed ……………dosing is decreased  In the management

A) as soon as
B) once
C) because
D) when
E) while

11 – Ribavirin should not be used in pregnant patients with HEV infection …………… the preliminary nature of these 2 case reports (25).

A) as though
B) even when
C) because of
D) so that
E) in case

12 – ……………….its first description, Alzheimer disease has gone from a rarely reported disorder to one of the most common disabling diseases among older adults

A) In case
B) Since
C) just as
D) Qwing to
E) For

13 -……………….. the hopeful insights provided by this concept, these issues complicate attempts to design robust studies to determine factors that might prevent cognitive decline.

A) Despite
B) Owing to
C) while
D) Moreover
E) Provided

14 -…………………findings on the association of cognitive decline with living alone or being without a partner are inconsistent, a robust association exists between the loss of a spouse and cognitive decline

A) On the contrary
B)  Unless
C) So that
D) Whereas
E) Even if

Yds Reading ( Okuma )15 – …………….numerous interventions have been suggested to delay Alzheimer disease, the evidence is inadequate to conclude that any are effective.

A) Despite
B) Nevertheless
C) Although
D) Just as
E) Since

Yds Reading ( Okuma )

ANSWERS OF THE QUESTIONS ( Soruların doğru yanıtları )

1) D
2) C
3) A
4) C
5) D
6) D
7) A
8) B
9) E


Yds | Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi | Yds

Yds , Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi İçin Örnek.


Yds , Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi ,Yds İçin Örnek


1 –  Yds Dersi ( Birebir  Özel Yds Dersi)
2 – Yds Dersi (  4 Kişilik Gruplarla Yds dersi

Yds | Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi | Yds

  Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi etkinlikleri kapsamında Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi birimlerimizde  YDS özel ders verilen YDS  eğitim merkezindeki YDS özel ders platformunda yapılan YDS özel ders  faaliyetlerinde , YDS özel ders için oluşturulan  bu tür YDS özel ders programlarında, YDS özel dersler adaylar ile bire bir YDS yapılır.

 YDS Okuma Parçası Analizi konusu için hazırlanan YDS  Okuma Parçası Analizi makalesi YDS için hazırlanan adaylar için YDS ‘deki okuma parçalarında bir kolaylık sağlar.  YDS Okuma Parçası Analizi çözümlendiğinde YDS’deki Yds Okuma Parçası Analizinde YDS okuma parçaları daha kolaylaşır.

Yds 2013 Nisan –  Ekim için Yds Hazırlık kursu ve Yds Özel Ders Kayıtları sürmektedir

Wild Children V: Culture Shock

You have read about Romulus and Remus whose culture shock came when they went back to the world of human beings after being raised by a wolf. Tarzan’s culture shock came when he discovered that he was not a “white ape” but a human being. Emily Carr preferred the culture of the First Nations people and the life she led on her explorations to the dresses and polite conversations of her own culture. You now know that First Nations culture did not include school or even business activity, people spent most of their time in nature or around the fire of their home talking, telling stories and making the things they needed to survive.

 Psychologists tell us that there are four basic stages that human beings pass through when they enter and live in a new culture. This process, which helps us to deal with culture shock, is the way our brain and our personality reacts to the strange new things we encounter when we move from one culture to another. If our culture involves bowing when we greet someone, we may feel very uncomfortable in a culture that does not involve bowing. If the language we use when talking to someone in our own culture is influenced by levels of formality based on the other person’s age and status, it may be difficult for us to feel comfortable communicating with people in the new culture.

 Culture begins with the “honeymoon stage”. This is the period of time when we first arrive in which everything about the new culture is strange and exciting. We may be suffering from “jet lag” but we are thrilled to be in the new environment, seeing new sights, hearing new sounds and language, eating new kinds of food. This honeymoon stage can last for quite a long time because we feel we are involved in some kind of great adventure.

 Unfortunately, the second stage of culture shock can be more difficult. After we have settled down into our new life, working or studying, buying groceries, doing laundry, or living with a home-stay family, we can become very tired and begin to miss our homeland and our family, girlfriend/boyfriend, pets. All the little problems that everybody in life has seem to be much bigger and more disturbing when you face them in a foreign culture. This period of cultural adjustment can be very difficult and lead to the new arrival rejecting or pulling away from the new culture. This “rejection stage” can be quite dangerous because the visitor may develop unhealthy habits (smoking and drinking too much, being too concerned over food or contact with people from the new culture). This can, unfortunately lead to the person getting sick or developing skin infections or rashes which then makes the person feel even more scared and confused and helpless. This stage is considered a crisis in the process of cultural adjustment and many people choose to go back to their homeland or spend all their time with people from their own culture speaking their native language.

 The third stage of culture shock is called the “adjustment stage”. This is when you begin to realize that things are not so bad in the host culture. Your sense of humour usually becomes stronger and you realize that you are becoming stronger by learning to take care of yourself in the new place. Things are still difficult, but you are now a survivor!Yds , Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi, Yds

 The fourth stage can be called “at ease at last”. Now you feel quite comfortable in your new surroundings. You can cope with most problems that occur. You may still have problems with the language, but you know you are strong enough to deal with them. If you meet someone from your country who has just arrived, you can be the expert on life in the new culture and help them to deal with their culture shock.

 There is a fifth stage of culture shock which many people don’t know about. This is called “reverse culture shock”. Surprisingly, this occurs when you go back to your native culture and find that you have changed and that things there have changed while you have been away. Now you feel a little uncomfortable back home. Life is a struggle!

Yds, Özel  Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi, Yds


 Select the answer you think is correct.

 1. When does culture shock happen?

 A) when you reach your teens

 B) when you move to a big city

 C) when you meet foreign people for the first time

 D) when you go to live in a foreign culture

 2. How do you feel during the first stage of culture shock?

 A) lonely and depressed

 B) bored and homesick

 C) happy and excited

 D) angry and frustrated

 3. How do you feel during the second stage?

 A) homesick and afraid

 B) interested and amused

 C) stressed, but positive

 D) you have no particular feelings

 4. How could the third stage be described?

 A) adjustment

 B) rejection

 C) enthusiasm

 D) anger

 5. How do you feel during the fourth stage of culture shock?

 A) tense, but positive

 B) relaxed

 C) negative and stressed

 D) afraid

 6. Why might reverse culture shock be a problem?

 A) It hardly ever happens.

 B) It is extremely stressful.

 C) Most people do not expect it.

 D) It only happens to young people.


1) D
2) C
3) A
4) A
5) B
6) C

 Yds | Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi | Yds

Yds | Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi | Yds



Yds , Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi İçin Örnek

 1 –  Yds Dersi ( Birebir  Özel Yds Dersi)
2 – Yds Dersi (  4 Kişilik Gruplarla Yds dersi


Yds 2013 Nisan –  Ekim için Yds Hazırlık kursu ve Yds Özel Ders Kayıtları sürmektedir

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The Man Booker Prize

The Man Booker Prize for Fiction is awarded every year for a novel written by a writer from the Commonwealth or the Republic of Ireland and it aims to represent the very best in contemporary fiction. The prize was originally called the Booker-McConnell Prize, which was the name of the company that sponsored it, though it was better-known as simply the ‘Booker Prize’. In 2002, the Man Group became the sponsor and they chose the new name, keeping ‘Booker’.

Publishers can submit books for consideration for the prize, but the judges can also ask for books to be submitted they think should be included. Firstly, the Advisory Committee give advice if there have been any changes to the rules for the prize and selects the people who will judge the books. The judging panel changes every year and usually a person is only a judge once.

 Great efforts are made to ensure that the judging panel is balanced in terms of gender and professions within the industry, so that a writer, a critic, an editor and an academic are chosen along with a well-known person from wider society. However, when the panel of judges has been finalized, they are left to make their own decisions without any further involvement or interference from the prize sponsor.Yds,Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi, Yds

 The Man Booker judges include critics, writers and academics to maintain the consistent quality of the prize and its influence is such that the winner will almost certainly see the sales increase considerably , in addition to the £50,000 that comes with the prize.

Yds | Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi Tekniği | Yds



 1 – The Republic of Ireland

 A) is in the Commonwealth.

 B) is not in the Commonwealth.

 C) can’t enter the Man Booker Prize.

 D) joined the Booker prize in 2002.

 2 – The Man group

 A) was forced to keep the name ‘Booker’.

 B) decided to include the name ‘Booker’.

 C) decided to keep the name ‘Booker-McConnell’.

 D) decided to use only the name ‘Booker’.

 3 – Books can be submitted

 A) by publishers.

 B) by writers.

 C) by judges.

 D) by the sponsors.

 4 – Who advises on changes to the rules?

 A) The sponsors

 B) The judging panel

 C) The advisory panel

 D) Publishers

 5 – The judging panel

 A) doesn’t include women.

 B) includes only women.

 C) is only chosen from representatives of the industry.

D) includes someone from outside the industry.

 6 – The sponsors of the prize

 A) are involved in choosing the winner.

 B) are involved in choosing the judges.

 C) are not involved at all.

 D) choose the academic for the panel of judges.

 7 – The consistent quality of the prize

 A) is guaranteed by the prize money.

 B) is guaranteed by the gender of the judges.

 C) is guaranteed by the make-up of the panel of judges.

 D) is guaranteed by the increase in sales of the winner.

Yds | Yds – Yökdil Okuma Parçası Analizi | Yds



1) B
2) B
3) A
4) C
5) D
6) B
7) C

 Yds, Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi, Yds

Yds | Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi | Yds

 YDS Okuma Parçası Analizi konusu için hazırlanan YDS  Okuma Parçası Analizi makalesi.


YDS , YDS Okuma Parçası Analizi İçin Örnek

1 –  Yds Dersi ( Birebir  Özel Yds Dersi

2 – Yds Dersi (  4 Kişilik Gruplarla Yds dersi

 YDS Okuma Parçası Analizi konusu için hazırlanan YDS  Okuma Parçası Analizi makalesi YDS için hazırlanan adaylar için YDS ‘deki okuma parçalarında bir kolaylık sağlar.  YDS Okuma Parçası Analizi çözümlendiğinde  YDS’deki okuma parçaları daha kolaylaşır.

YDS 2013 Nisan –  Ekim için YDS Hazırlık kursu ve YDS Özel

Ders Kayıtları sürmektedir

What A Chance To Race With The Pros!

From a news story by

CNN San Francisco Reporter Rusty Dornin

When George Ellison heard about a radio contest to win the guest spot on a boat in the America’s Cup race. He entered as many times as he could. And then, he won.

George Ellison says, “You get to sit on a boat as the 17th person and rub shoulders with some of the greatest sailors in the world, in Auckland, New Zealand. I still can’t believe it!”

Ellison won a seat on America True, one of two entries from San Francisco for the race. America’s Cup is probably the only world class sports event where a novice can get on deck. It’s called the 17th man position.

Paul Cayard is the skipper of America One, “‘They’re a guest, they’re not allowed to contribute to the sailing of the boat at all. They stand behind the helmsman.”

There’s still a spot up for grabs on the other entry, America One. To get aboard here you must design a high tech jib halyard lock.

“The halyard would come out down the mast here, and then go on to the winch” explains skipper Cayard.

John Clauser an experimental physicist submitted an entry. He says it’s dirt simple. But he says, “Since the judging hasn’t been completed, I’m not sure whether I want to release any of the details.”

Contest promotions help advertise for the sponsors. Without sponsors one could barely hoist the sails on these boatsYds, Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi, Yds. The America One team will have two boats at three million dollars apiece. (They) have budgeted 32 million dollars for the race. In such a high-stakes race, are there concerns a novice will interfere?

Paul Cayard says, “There’s no risk at all for them in hurting our chances to win. If they fall overboard or get hurt we just leave’em behind”

At least one contest winner says he knows enough not to fall overboard. And while he won’t be doing anything, it doesn’t matter.

George Ellision says, “I could live 12 lifetimes and never ride on one of these boats in a race. The bird of paradise found me”

Paradise found as the unnecessary member of a world-class crew.

Özel Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi 


1 The job of the 17th man is _______________ .

A) to steer the ship

B) to raise the jib

C) to stand behind the helmsman

D) none of the above

2 George Ellison will be ______________ .

A) part of the crew of America One

B) the 17th man on America One

C) part of the crew of America True

D) the 17th man on America True

3 To get the 17th man spot on America One you have to____________ .

A) enter a contest

B) design a jib halyard lock

C) be an expert sailor

D) be a sponsor

4 If the guest falls overboard, _______________.

A) the boat will stop and pick him up

B) the boat will lose the race

C) the boat will go on without him

D) the skipper salutes and says good luck

5 The first America’s Cup race was __________ years ago.

A) 132

B) 150

C) 16

D) 148


1) C
2) D
3) B
4) C
5) D

Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi Tekniği

Yds, Yds Okuma Parçası Analizi, Yds