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YDS özel ders merkezimizdeki YDS özel ders birimlerimizde düzenlenen YDS özel derste  YDS Grammar  programları ile  YDS Grammar   için YDS özel dersle  öğrenci hazırlanır.

1 –  Yds Özel Ders ( Bireysel – Yds Özel Ders )
2 –  Yds Özel Ders ( 4 kişi Grup – Yds Özel Ders )

Yds Grammer Testi

 1 ) ………… the formation of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, the Chinese government named the Western nations, led by the United States, as the biggest threat to its national security.

A) Because
B) After
C) In case
D)  as
E) Even though

2 ) As nationalists, both Syngman Rhee and Kim Il-Sung were intent …………….. reunifying Korea ……….. their own political system.

A) upon / under
B) from / for
C) under / in
D) on / at
E) at / through

3 ) ………… the war broke out, the Chinese were in the process of demobilizing half of the PLA’s 5.6 million soldiers.

A) Eventhough
B) Whereas
C) Even if
D) As though
E) When

4 ) ………… these sediments were light, they crumpled into mountain ranges rather than sinking to the floor.

A) Even if
B) So long as
C) Even though
D) Since
E) As well as

5 ) The higher regions of the Himalayas are snowbound throughout the year, …………..their proximity to the tropics.

A) as a result of
B) in case of
C) in spite of
D) instead of
E) because of

Yds Grammer Testi


6 ) The mountain lakes are known to geographers as tarns ……….. they are caused by glacial activity.

A) unless
B) as
C) so
D) until
E) if

7 ) …………. the Roman conquest, Latin spread to many Mediterranean regions, and the dialects spoken in these areas, mixed to various degrees with the autochthonous languages, developed into the modern Romance tongues.

A) As a resut of
B) Behalf of
C) In case of
D) Because of
E) In spite of

8 ) ………….. Classical Latin has demonstrative pronouns indicating different degrees of proximity, it does not have articles.

A) Since
B) As
C) As long as
D) Although
E) Until

9 )………… dialect variation the languages of Spain, France, Portugal and Italy retained a remarkable unity in phonological forms and developments, bolstered by the stabilizing influence of their common Christian culture.

A)  Despite
B) As much
C) As well
D) So well
E) Owing to

10 ) This language was more in line with the everyday speech not only ……………. a decline in education, but also because of a desire to spread the word to the masses.

A) in case of
B) because of
C) instead of
D) as a result of
E) in spite of

Yds Grammer Testi



1) B

2) A
3)  E

4) D
5) C
6) E
7) D
8) D
9) A

  Yds Grammer