Yds İçin Gramer testi



1 –  Yds Özel Ders ( Bireysel – Yds Özel Ders )
2 –  Yds Özel Ders ( 4 kişi Grup – Yds Özel Ders )

1 -………………..you’re your parents’ one shot at a genetic legacy, you may get to attend all the best schools, wear all the best clothes and eat all the best foods — at least relative to children in multiple-sibling households.

A) Although
B) Despite
C) When
D) While
E) As

2 – Finally, the competition game requires subjects to perform a mathematical exercise — adding up randomly generated numbers …………..being graded for speed and accuracy.

A) because
B) while
C) nowthat
D) even though
E) even if

3 – They have the choice of either being paid a small amount for every correct answer or 10 times that amount ……………..they compete with another player in the room and win.

A) if
B) before
C) whereas
D) once
E) as well

4 – They were less generous in the dictator game, passing on 40.1% of the money, compared with the 43.4% those born……… the one-child policy gave away.

A) by the time
B) by the way
C) because
D) although
E) before

5 – In personality tests administered after the games, one-child subjects scored much lower when asked to rate, on a scale of 0 to 100, ………………..they believed the sun would be shining the next day.

A) but
B) for
C) so
D) whether
E) nonetheless


6 -………………… the fashion show had been surprisingly interesting, it seemed like quite a lot of anticipation for a 15-minute event.

A) When
B) If
C) As
D) While
E) Once

7 – The one-child policy, which the researchers call “one of the most radical approaches to limiting population growth,” has in all respects, except the mere birthrate numbers, been a hash of unintended consequences.

A) of which
B) that
C) which
D) whose
E) where

8 – For now, the one-child policy is still in place, ……….like any such ill-considered experiment in social engineering, it is being increasingly flouted, especially outside major cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

A) so
B) for
C) but
D) as well
E) neither

9 – That would be a welcome — and long overdue — change, …….. one more regime learns one more time that there are some places policymakers simply shouldn’t tread.

A) once
B) as
C) for
D) so
E) that

10 -…………….the old “Made in America” often represented an inferior product, today, U.S. manufacturing not only represents superior craftsmanship, but also environmental benefits, a smaller carbon footprint, and an investment in American jobs.

A) As if
B) In case
C) Once
D) When
E) While



1) C
2) B
3) A
4) E
5) D
6) D
7) C
8) C
9) B
10) E