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1 –  Özel Yds Dersi ( Birebir Özel Yds Dersi)
2 –  Özel Yds Dersi ( 4 Kişilik Gruplarla Özel Yds dersi


 Yds Sınavı Gramer Çalışması


Yds Sınavı Gramer Çalışması–  What’s insane is that Sandberg felt the need to hide the fact, ………….. there’s a century of research establishing the undeniable fact that working more than 40 hours per week actually decreases productivity.

A) when
B) while
C) since
D) whereas
E) altough

 2 –  It discovered that the “sweet spot” is 40 hours a week — and that………… adding another 20 hours provides a minor increase in productivity, that increase only lasts for three to four weeks, and then turns negative.

A) while
B) if
C) so long as
D) so that
E) as if

3………………….the weeklong winter fest, which costs tens of thousands of dollars to attend, has grown over the past decade, it has become as much about dealmaking as about brainstorming solutions to the world’s problems.

A) As though
B) Although
C) As
D) While
E) Now that


4 – …………every country wants to keep its interest rates down and its currency weak in order to boost exports, there’s an inevitable race to the bottom.

A) after
B) before
C) once
D) if
E) When

 5 –  Strength, there are some circumstances …………..an introvert might be an ideal leader and a start-up might be one of those places.

A) which
B) in which
C) what
D) whom
E) whose

Yds Sınavı Gramer Çalışması

6 –  ………………. I have yet to come to terms with my Medusa-esque head of curls, I always bring a flat iron along with me.

A) once
B) when
C) whereas
D) due to
E) since

7 –   Think about the difficulties you’ve encountered working with text documents…………… moving between older and newer versions of popular word processors, then extrapolate to software that’s much more specialized and niche.

A) although
B) because
C) as
D) when
E) while

 8 –  One of the key things we found was that …………….BAC peaked 18% higher in the diet condition, [participants] didn’t feel any more intoxicated andYds Sınavı Gramer Çalışması
they didn’t feel any different as to how willing they were to drive a car,” says the study’s lead author Cecile Marczinski, who is an assistant professor of psychology at Northern Kentucky University.

A) when
B) provided
C) even though
D) once
E) despite

 9 ) –  The increased popularity is probably ……………… it is easier to get now and because of media coverage of controversial efforts to lift the age limit for over-the-counter sales, experts said

A) because
B) before
C) in case
D) even though
E) s well

!0 –  The morning-after pill is different from the so-called abortion pill, ………….is designed to terminate a pregnancy.

A) that
B) which
C) when
D) by which
E) what

Yds Sınavı Gramer Çalışması


Answers of the Questions ( Soruların doğru yanıtları )

 1) C
2) A
3) C
4) E
5) B
6) E
7) D
8) C
9) A