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 YDS 2012 Ekim için YDS Hazırlık kursu ve YDS Özel Ders Kayıtları sürmektedir

The Iditarod Sled Dog Race

Every year in Alaska there is a big race with sleds pulled by dogs. On the day of the race in the Alaskan huskies seem eager to go on what may be the world’s longest and most difficult race. It is called the Iditarod dog sled race.

The voice of the race announcer booms over the streets of Anchorage as the racers set off on their long journey “They’re off. The last great race…”Fifty-six sleds leave downtown Anchorage to start the race. A sled leaves every two minutes. It will take ten days to two weeks before they reach the finish line at Nome on the other side of Alaska. The men and women who guide the sleds are called mushers.
Linda Joy, a musher says “It’s not important to win, I have a yearling team and I want as many happy tails when I cross the finish line.”
Russell Lane is a full-blooded Eskimo. He thinks his rookie, or very first, run may help his people maintain a tie to the old ways. “I’m the only musher from the Arctic slope, so I’m real proud to be representing my people.”
One musher from Australia, Stephen Carrick, says he knows why he runs the race when he crosses the finish line. “I did it last year. When I got to Nome, the sensation was awesome and I knew I had to have more of this.”
Dee Dee Jonrowe has finished in the top ten racers in eight other races. “I was just telling my husband, happy birthday, today’s his birthday and his present is sending me out of town.”

Gary Collins, an actor, helps the race by giving money. He and others get to ride on the sleds for 20 miles of the trail. They are called Iditariders. The day the race starts is an exciting event in Anchorage. There’s a big crowd to watch the race start. The trail loops around Anchorage, and smaller crowds of fans cheer the sleds on.
Twenty miles out of Anchorage the ceremonial part of the race is over and its time to get serious about the Iditarod. For the one thousand miles, it’s just the mushers and their dogs on the frozen land.
Racer Aaron Burmeister says of the first day “Really there’s not a whole lot of strategy, just get yourself into the schedule and get rolling.”
And try to enjoy the ride.

ÖZEL Yds, ÖZEL Yds Test ( Gramer ) ,ÖZEL Yds Kursu

Multiple Choice
1 The Iditarod dog sled race is known as the world’s ________________race.
A) worst
B) longest and most difficult
C) most ceremonial
D) biggest prize
2 The people in Anchorage ___________________.
A) don’t like the race
B) wish the race was someplace else
C) make a big event out of the race
D) are Iditariders
3 If a sled starts the race every two minutes, how long will it take 56 sleds to start the race?
A) 110 minutes
B) 112 minutes
C) 56 minutes
D) 156 minutes
4 A rookie run means___________________.
A) a straight course
B) the first time
C) last place
D) first place
5 The Iditariders go on the ceremonial run for ______ miles ending at
A) 1000, Arctic slope
B) 1000, Nome
C) 20, Eagle River
D) 20, Nome

1) B
2) C
3) B
4) B
5) C

Yds, Yds Test ( Gramer ) ,Yds Kursu

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