Useful Pattern Sentences Konusunda Açıklama 

1 –  Yds Özel Ders Merkezi ( Bireysel – Yds Özel Ders )
2 –  Yds Özel Ders Merkezi ( 4 kişi Grup – Yds Özel Ders )

Useful pattern sentences


The teacher told us to do our homework on time.

My father told me not to be late for school.
I asked him if he would go for picnic with us.
Rose asked Nancy how many brothers and sisters she had.

Speaking and writing

Interview a friend or a person in your family then using reported speech tell the lass what he/she said.
Word order in English sentences

In a standard English sentences pattern, the word order is as follows:

Study the symbols and the examples.

s: subject
v: verb
o: object
c: complement
t: time adverbial
p: adverb of place
f: adverb of frequency
i.t: adverb of indefinite time
m: adverb of manner
aux: auxiliart verb

Jane  will  do  gardening  during  her  holiday.
 s      v        o       t       c

We  can  help  you  in  the  shop  over  the  weekend.

s     v       o        p              t

The  tourist  have  just/already  visited  the  Agora.
    s       aux.    İ.t         v        o

They  havent  completed  their  homework  yet.
  s         v              o          i.t

He  always  does  his  homework  carefully.
s     f      v       o           m

He  never  smokes.
s     f      v


Exercise 361.  Arrange the words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences.

1  a good/the cinema/we/last/film/at/watched/night.
2  I/on/to school/met/your/my/yesterday/sister/way.
3  some/work/during/people/the night.
4  my/hard-working/brother/class/is/student/in/his/the most.
5  is/than/collecting/cheaper/collecting post cards/stamps.
6  have/been/you/town/how long/this/in/living?
7  the surgeon/at/an operation/performing/present/is.
8  when/to/the museum/visit/the tourists/are/going?
9  eager/to stay/than/at/nobody/was/the hotel/longer/a week.
10  they/ the spring/sometimes/in/fishing/go.
11  Linda/bus/generally/to work/by/goes.
12  this/ever/eaten/restaurant/you/at/have?
13  George/to/the book/yet/has not/the library/returned.
14  twice/a day/brush/you/your/least/mus/at/teeth.
15  Joy/homework/coming/always/school/her/does/to/before.
16  visited/already/nearly/in/the historical/they/have/all/Turkey/sites.
17  come/us/to visit/a present/never/they/without/bringing.
18  at/meet/the cafeteria/we/the weekend/at/same/often.
19  returned/when/the heavy/just/started/parents/rain/had/my/home.
20  their salary/once/to/generally/they/dinner/to have/go/a month/get/
they/restaurant/an expensive/when.