Reporting yes / no questions Hakkında Bilgi


1 –  Yds Özel Ders Merkezi ( Bireysel – Yds Özel Ders )
2 –  Yds Özel Ders Merkezi ( 4 kişi Grup – Yds Özel Ders )

Study the examples paying attention to changes in word order.

Rose to Susan : Are you going to school? (direct)
Rosa has asked Susan if / whether she is going to school. (indirect)

As you see, while reporting a yes/no question, we use ‘’ask’’ as a reporting verb.
We also use ‘’if’’or’’whether’’ before the reported clause.

Exercise 354.  Report the following yes/no questions as in the example.

1  Mary has asked George, ‘Have you started university?’’
   Mary has asked George if he has started university.
2  Peter asks Susan, ‘Will you go to the graduation party?’
3  Ayşe asks Melek, ‘Can your sister iron her clothes by herself?’
4  The teacher has asked, Jack, ‘Do your ead in your spare time?’
5  Tom has asked Jane, ‘Do you ever go to a disco?’
6  Rose asks Susan, ‘Will the teacher give us an exam next week?’
7  Filiz has asked Yiğit, ‘Has your mother retired yet?’
8  Gülsüm asks Sibel, ‘Must your mother work on Saturdays?’
9  Pelin asks Can, ‘ Should I come early tomorrow morning?’
10  The mother has asked her son, ‘Are you ready to go to school?’


Exercise 355.  Report the following yes/no questions, using asked.

1  Doctor to patient: Have you got a pain in your abdomen?
   The doctor asked the patient if he had a pain in his abdomen.
2  The father to his son: Is your sister studying?
3  Receptionist to quest: Will you be coming tomorrow?
4  Susan to George: Does your mother ever make a cake for you?
5  Teacher to Jack: Havent you finished your homework yet?
6  Judy to Mary: Are you interested in folk dancing?
7  Tim to Tom : Are your parents thinking of changing their house?
8  Mr White to Jack: Are you going to rent out your shop?
9  Mustafa to Jerome: Do you want to spend your holiday with me?
10  Son to Father: Can I help you wash the car?