Perfect Participle Konusu

Perfect Participle Hakkında Önemli Ayrıntılar

1 –  Yds Özel Ders Merkezi ( Bireysel – Yds Özel Ders )
2 –  Yds Özel Ders Merkezi ( 4 kişi Grup – Yds Özel Ders )

Bağlaçlı Cümlelerde Kısaltma

Birebir yds özel ders alarak veya 4 kişilik gruplara katılarak yds sınavı hazırlık programlarında başarıyı bizimle yakalayabilirsiniz.

Study the examples.

Having failed the exam, he will have to repeat the class. (1)
= He failed the exam, so he will have to repeat the class.

Having bought
a ticket, he is getting on the bus now. (2)

= He has bought a ticket and is getting on the bus now.

Having brushed his teeth, he went to bed. (active) (3)
= After he had brushed his teeth, he went to bed.

Having been kept in custody by the police for two days, he was released yesterday. (4) (passive)
= After he had been kept in custody by the police for two days, he was released yesterday.

As you see, we can use perfect participles instead of clauses in the simple past(1), the present perfect (2) and the past perfect (3,4)

Look at the examples.

Not having done his homework, he didnt want to come face to face with the teacher. (active)
= As he hadnt done his homework, he didnt want to come face to face with the teacher.
Not having been invited, he didnt g oto the party. (passive)
= Since he hadnt been invited, he didnt g oto the party.

As seen above, in negative participle structures not is always used just before the participle.

Exercises 1.
  Rewrite the clauses in bold in perfect paticiple.

After he had taken a lot of driving lessons, he took a driving test.
As she had graduated from university with the best degree, she fonud a good job.
All the neccessary preparations had been done and our armies were offered to attack the enemy on August 26th,1992.
She has been chosen the beauty queen, so she is very unhappy.
Susan has lived in Turkey for 15 years, so she knows Turkish as well as a Turk.
He cut his finger deeply, so he went to hospital.
She drove through the red light, so he was fined.
You have been told not to make a noise, so you must been quiet.
Because he had suffered from appendicitis, he was operated on.
10  Because they didnt pay their taxes on time, they had to pay extra money.
11  As they have been invited to the party, they should go.
12  When they had saved enough money, they decided to buy a house.
13  After I had handed in my test sheet to the teacher, I left the room.


Perfect Participle
Perfect Participle


 Exercise 2.  Rewrite these sentences using the correct participle. (Mixed types)

1  The man who is standing at the gate is a postman.
2  I heard you while you were whispering the answer to your friend.
3  I noticed somebody while he was trying to unlock the door.
4  We saw the terrorist while he was being taken to the police car.
5  We witnessed that cars were being stopped by the traffic police.
6  The detainee who was questioned by the police has already been released.
7  After they had visited all the remains, they returned to their hotel.
8  The oranges were loaded onto the lorry after they had been put into the boxes.
9  My mother wanted the beds to be tidied.
10  We saw the vans which were being loaded with fresh bread on our way to school yesterday morning.

Text on tenses

Exercise 3.  Fill in the blanks using the ver bor verb phrase which completes the sentence best.

  ……………….the film, I cant really tell you the weather its good or not.


b. not seeing
c. having seen
d. not having seen

2  ……………….. she stayed in bed all day.
a. having been
b. being ill
c. been ill
d. was ill

3  …………………… qıickly through the pile of mail, she found the one she was expecting.

a. looking
b. looked
c. having looked
d. not looking
4  The woman ……………………from a terrible injury was taken to hospital.
a. suffered
b. having suffered
c. suffering
d. not looking

Perfect Participle
Perfect Participle


5  ………………………the house, she sat down and drank a cup of coffee.

a. cleaning
b. having cleaned
c. having been cleaned
d. cleaned

  ……………………….a taxi, I arrived at the airport on time.

a. not taking
b. not having taken
c. took
d. having taken

7  …………………… algebra, he couldnt do the questions.

a. studying
b. not studying
c. having studied
d. not having studied

8  ………………………….the lights, they saw that their houes has been burgled.

a. switch on
b. switching on
c. having been switched on
d. being swithced on

9  The people …………………….shop lifting will be prosecuted.

a. catching
b. catch
c. caught
d. to catch

10  The wedding went as ………………..

a. planned
b. plan
c. has planned
d. planning

Perfect Participle
Perfect Participle