Order of different types of adverbs Hakkında Açıklama


1 –  Yds Özel Ders Merkezi ( Bireysel – Yds Özel Ders )
2 –  Yds Özel Ders Merkezi ( 4 kişi Grup – Yds Özel Ders )

 a. When there are two or more adverbs, they are said in the order of: manner + place + adverb of time or duration if there isnt an object or the verb isnt a verb of movement.

The  baby  is  sleeping  silently  in  its  bed  now.
                     manner     place     time

Robinson  Crosoe lived  alone  on  an  island  for  years.
                   manner      place     duration

b. If the verb of a sentence is a verb of movement, the adverb of place or adverbial phrase of place is said after the verb.

He  entered  the  classroom  slowly  during  the  lesson.
               place       manner        time

He  comes  here  willingly  every  day.
          place   manner   frequency

c. If there is an adverbial expressions of frequency in a group, adverbs are said in the order of place + manner + frequency + time.

He  has  been  to  Ankara  by  bus  three  times  this  year.
                place      manner     frequency    time

He went to the cinema secretaly every week when he was a student.
       place       manner   frequency     time

d. When tehre are two or more adverbs in a sentence, the adverb of time can be said at the beginning of the sentence. In that case is expressed emphatically.

She  didint  go  there  willingly  yesterday.
place   manner     time

or:  Yesterday  she  didint  go  there  willingly.  
     time                   place    mater

I  can  come  here  gladly  every  day.
             place  manner  frequency

or :  Every  day  I  can  come  here  gladly.
    frequency                 place  manner


Order of different types of adverbs
Order of different types of adverbs

e. When there are 2 or more adverbs in an active or passive sentence, the adverb of manner is said before the verb.

He   hurriedly  went  home  this  afternoon.
     manner         place      time

The  glasses  were  carefully  put  in  a  box.
                  manner        place

Exercise 189.  Put the adverbs in brackets in their correct order.

1  Turks captured Istanbul (1453, on 15th,May)
2  He comes (every day, here, by bus)
3  They went (yesterday, at ten o’clock, to Bodrum)
4  W emet him ( a few minitues ago, at hte station)
5  They wiil go (to buy a car, tomorrow, by train, to Aydın)
6  She has been studying English (since 1980. İn London, eagerly)
7  Bring them (immediately,here)
8  Dont believe every word (without thinkingi at once)
9  The patient slept (all night, quietly)
10  He will go (with his friends tonight, to the cinema)
11  He told us about his life (at his birthday party, yesterday, sincerely)
12  Leave these books (on the table, in the clsaaroom)
13  They are going to get married (on Friday, next week, at 8 o’clock)
14  I crossed (this morning, with my son, the park)
15  The goods were carried (carefully, into the house, by the porters)
16  I dont know (how much money I spent, exactly, to learn English)
17  I have visited him (five times, this year)
18  We must speak to each other (in a low voice, always, on a bus)
19  He was born (near Bodrum, in a village)
20  They come (every summer, for their vacation, to Turkey)
21  He was injured (in a traffic accident, last year, seriously)

Exercise 190. Arrange these words to make meaningful sentences.

1  to/he/every/usually/months/two/the barber/goes.
2  year/bought/in/an/house/Alsancak/he/exremely/last/he/spacious.
3  bookstore/has/years/brother/in/three/my/worked/a/Konak/in/for.
4  every/months/people/house/visit/thousand of/year/the Virgin Mary’s
/ in/the summer/Epheus/during.
5  carefully/road/drove/the/the/very/on/car/we/icy.

6  go/in the / summer/ most/the seaside/on/to /people/holiday.
7  the proffessor/listened/during/watched/to/the students/ and/the experiment/in/
attentively/yesterday/the lab.
8  the hospital/Mary/just/straight/to/gone/has.
9  the patient/care/they/immediately/care/into/great/took/with/intensive.
10  high/years/English/twenty/she/different/at/than/more/has/for/taught
11  the/room/angry/he/a/left/in/suddenly/very/manner.
12  his/carefully/weekend/the/very/at/did/homework/he.
13  office/interviewed/on/in/the/Monday/very/her/they/managing/

Order of different types of adverbs
Order of different types of adverbs