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1 –  Yds Özel Ders Merkezi ( Bireysel – Yds Özel Ders )
2 –  Yds Özel Ders Merkezi ( 4 kişi Grup – Yds Özel Ders )

 Direct object (D.O) :

Look at the examples.

A. I posted the letters.
B. What did you post?
A. The letters.

A. I saw Susan yesterday.
B. Who(m) did you see?
A. Susan.

As you see, the answers to What, (the letters) and Who(m) (Susan) are direct objects.

Indirect object (I.O):

A. I sent Sibel a bunch of flowers.
B. Who did you send a bunch flowers to?
A. I sent them to Sibel.

A. I bought Gülsüm a doll.
B. Who did you buy a doll for?
A. I bought it for Gülsüm.

As seen above, the answers to Who ….to? (Sibel) and Who…for? (Gülsüm) are indirect objects.

Further examples.

My father bought a pair of shoes for meyesterday.
                D.O        I.O

or My father bought me a pair of shoes.
               I.O    D.O

Please dont ask such silly questions of us.
               D.O          I.O

or Please dont ask us such silly questions.
             I.O     D.O

As seen above, we can use direct object before indirect object or after it. If we use the indirect object after the direct object, for or to comes before the indirect in accordance.

Direct object and indirect object
Direct object and indirect object


Exercise 362.  Rewrite these sentences, changing the position of the indirect object.

1  He will teach us a song today.
2  He is teaching Rose Turkish.
3  I will give you all of them.
4  They will lend him some money.
5  Today a cake has been mad efor us by my mother.
6  He showed the policeman his identity card.
7  Would you please buy me some stamps?
8  The grandmother is telling the children a story.
9  The tourist gave the secretary her name.
10  The teacher asked me the most difficult question.
11  The Browns rented their son a house every morning.
12  Tom gives his children pocket money every morning.
13  Can you lend me some money?
14  Who told you this?
15  He left you a massage.

Exercise 363.  Ask questions fort he underlined words.

1  When the telephone rang, my grandmother was telling us a story.
                                         a    b
2  Jane’s parents bought her a new bicycle yesterday.
                   b      c      a
3  They were showing us some photos when the accident happened.
                 a     b

4  Linda’s father gives her $10 every day.
                 a  b

The managing director asked Jack several hard questions.
         a                   c    b

Direct object and indirect object
Direct object and indirect object