Causative structures with ‘make’ Hakkında Açıklama


1 –  Yds Özel Ders Merkezi ( Bireysel – Yds Özel Ders )
2 –  Yds Özel Ders Merkezi ( 4 kişi Grup – Yds Özel Ders )


Birebir yds özel ders alarak veya 4 kişilik gruplara katılarak yds sınavı hazırlık programlarında başarıyı bizimle yakalayabilirsiniz.

Study the example.

They are trying to make the camel jump over the ditch.
(The camel doesnt want to jump over the ditch but they are forcing it to)

As seen above, if a person forces someone or an animal to do something, make is used to express it.

Exercise 302.  Rewrite the following, using make.

1  My father urged met o clean my study room as I had dirtied it.
2  Jockeys force their horses to run as fast as possible.
3  We heard that the authorities in the former Soviet Union used to compel political  prisoners to work in mines in very bad conditions in Siberia.
4  Shopkeepers were obliged to put price labels on their goods by local authorities.
5  The manager used his authority with the secretary so that she stayed in the Office until late.
6  Our trainer always forces us to run about five km every morning.
7  The baby girl had to swallow the medicine because her mother insisted.
8  Mary’s mother wanted her to wash the dishes although Mary didnt want to.
9  The driver had to pull over to the side of the road as the policeman pointed at him to do so.
10  Due to the hotel manager’s warning the stuff had to wear ties.
11  At the doctor’s insistence, the patient had to give up smoking.
12  The patient was forced tos tay in bed all dat by the nurse.
13  The commander ordered the soldiers to march about 10 kilometres yesterday morning.
14  Mrs White forced her daughter Mary to do the washing-up yesterday evening.
15  Ayşe’s father forced her to turn off the television and do her homework.